The Order of the Secret Monitor
or brotherhood of David and Jonathan

Conclaves within the Province of Kent
Knole Conclave No. 98

Meeting on: Third Monday in February, First Monday in June (Inst), Second Monday in November
Meeting at: Bromley
Invicta Pride of Kent Conclave No. 188

Meeting on: Second Saturday in July, Second Wednesday in December (Inst)
Meeting at: Gillingham
Temple Builders Conclave No. 250

Meeting on: First three Fifth Saturdays of the year (excluding July when the third meeting will be the 4th Fifth Saturday). Installation on the 2nd meeting of the year.
Meeting at: Sidcup
The Skilled Archer Conclave No. 284

Meeting on: Second Thursday in February, Second Thursday in April, Third Thursday in October (Inst)
Meeting at: Margate
Eric Norman Le Fre Conclave No. 304

Meeting on: Fourth Saturday in January (Inst), Fourth Saturday in April, Fourth Saturday in October
Meeting at: Welling
Paddock Wood Conclave No. 316

Meeting on: Second Wednesday in March, Second Wednesday in June, Second Wednesday in September (Inst)
Meeting at: Chatham
Medway Towns Conclave No. 333

Meeting on: Second Friday in March (Inst), Fourth Friday in August, Third Friday in November
Meeting at: Chatham
Maeides Stana Conclave No. 341

Meeting on: Third Wednesday in April, Fourth Wednesday in June (Inst), Fourth Wednesday in October
Meeting at: Sittingbourne
Golden Arrow Conclave No. 358

Meeting on: Fourth Wednesday in April, Second Wednesday in June (Inst), First Thursday in November
Meeting at: Ashford
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