The Order of the Secret Monitor
or brotherhood of David and Jonathan

News from the Order
News Articles
24.07.2023New PGSR for the OSM Province of Norfolk
04.07.2023Channel Conclave No. 463 Closes
28.06.2023Maeides Stana Conclave Installation
10.06.2023Inaugural OSM and SC Provincial Mess
27.05.2023Invicta Pride of Kent Banner Dedication
13.05.2023Tackling Rugby - new PGSR for Warwickshire
22.04.2023Eric Norman Le Fre and Kentish Man Scarlet Cord
19.04.2023Maeides Stana welcomes two new Brothers
21.03.2023New PGSR for Suffolk
19.03.2023New Supreme Ruler for Medway Towns Conclave No 333
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