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New Supreme Ruler for Medway Towns Conclave No 333The resurgence of the Medway Towns Conclave No 333 continued on Friday 10th March 2023. When 26 brethren including the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, R Wy Bro Kevin Johnson and the Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler, Wy Bro Dan Unthank accompanied by a good number of Provincial Officers gathered to witness the installation of Bro John Wood into the chair of Supreme Ruler.

The ceremony was conducted by Wy Bro James Howard, the outgoing Supreme Ruler, with warmth and sincerity and I suspect a little relief after occupying the chair for three years.

Nothing was more clear to me both during the Meeting and the Festive Board than that that this was a Conclave full of Friends, and I came away feeling like one of them.
The conclave, which until August last year had just 11 subscribing members, has been invigorated by no less than five joining members in August 2022 and another joining member at this meeting in the person of Wy Bro David Barden.
The conclave boasts three Right Worthy, three Very Worthy and nine Worthy Brethren and the next target in the Conclave’s plans is to add one or two Brothers to this august membership.

So if you have a candidate who would like to meet in March, August and November at Manor Road and enjoy the finest food the Province has to offer why not get in touch with the Secretary, Wy Bro Scott Dunn on

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