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Maeides Stana welcomes two new Brothers Maeides Stana Conclave No 341 met at Sittingbourne Masonic Centre on Wednesday 19th April 2023 to welcome two new Brothers into the order and into the Conclave. W.Bro Kevin Hill, current Worshipful Master of Lodge de Wydemere and W.Bro Michael Cook, current Worshipful Master of Gillingham Lodge of Friendship.

The Conclave were delighted to welcome V Wy Bro David Burgess, Grand Visitor, for his first official visit from his home county of Essex across the water into the Garden of England.

An unfortunate car accident on the way to the centre for our Guide and soon to be Supreme Ruler elect Bro Ian Sullivan and a hospital appointment for our Counsellor Bro Alan Wilson-Storey left us without two key officers. The IPSR, Mike Roberts, stepped into the office of Guide and as luck would have it Wy Bro Scott Dunn, Grand Steward and Provincial Grand Recorder arrived as the Secretary was attempting to fill the vacant Counsellor office and he was asked to cover which he was obviously happy to do.

All of this happily effected the Supreme Ruler, Wy Bro Bill Pennell, proceeded to induct Brother
s Hill and Cook into the Order in fine style ably assisted by his officers and acting officers.

On to the second order of business and Wy Bro Scott Dunn was pleased to present certificates to Bros David Merrick and Paul Nolan in his usual sophisticated style with references to the origins of the Order and using various Certificates ranging from the 1920s to the present day. These certificates were made available at the Festive Board and generated a lot of interest. The Supreme Ruler thanked Wy Brother Dunn on behalf of the Conclave for presenting the certificates.

Finally and in his absence Bro Ian Sullivan was declared Supreme Ruler elect for the ensuing year and will be installed at the meeting on Wednesday, 28th June 2023 to which you are all of course invited to book in please contact the Secretary, Wy Bro Paul King

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