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Channel Conclave No. 463 ClosesA very sad meeting at Deal Masonic Centre on 3rd July 2023 where Provincial Grand Recorder, Wy Bro Scott Dunn, represented the Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler to recieve the Warrent from Channel Conclave No 436 following the members voting to close.

The Conclave have struggled for a number of years and had only seven subscribing members when the difficult decision was taken to surrender the Warrant.

The good news is all seven members have found new homes in neighbouring Conclaves that are performing well and should offer them a much more complete Secret Monitor experience.

Wy Bro Peter Preidel assisted by his Officers performed the sad duty and passed the Warrant to Wy Bro Scott Dunn.  

 A good number of Kent OSM members and Provincial Officers attended to wish the members of Channel Conclave well and we all look forward to seeing them in their new Conclaves. Following the meeting the brethren dined together in peace, love and unity.

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