The Order of the Secret Monitor or brotherhood of David and Jonathan
Provincial Officers 2023-24
Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler
Deputy Provincial Grand Supreme Ruler

Provincial Grand Officers
Provincial Grand ChancellorWy.Bro. David Jordan
Provincial Grand CounsellorWy.Bro. Alan CookProvincial Grand Counsellor
Provincial Grand GuideWy.Bro. Robin Christopher Gurney
Provincial Grand ChaplainWy.Bro. Howard Thomas Pashley
Provincial Grand TreasurerWy.Bro. David Peter BardenProvincial Grand Treasurer
Provincial Grand RegistrarWy.Bro. Matthew Jack Derrick PookProvincial Grand Registrar
Provincial Grand RecorderWy.Bro. Paul Robert KingProvincial Grand Recorder
Provincial Grand Director of CeremoniesWy.Bro. Michael Martin BullProvincial Grand Director of Ceremonies
Provincial Grand AlmonerWy.Bro. John McGriger Norton-Doyle
Provincial Deputy Grand Director of CeremoniesWy.Bro. Paul William Hutchinson
Provincial Grand VisitorWy.Bro. Robert Stephen Hadlow
Provincial Grand VisitorWy.Bro. Derek Roy Wilkins
Provincial Grand VisitorWy.Bro. Mark Anthony WoolcottProvincial Grand Visitor
Provincial Grand VisitorWy.Bro. David Nicholas Bondy
Provincial Assistant Grand Director of CeremoniesWy.Bro. Stephen Timothy Robin HugkulstoneProvincial Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies
Provincial Grand Sword BearerWy.Bro. Oswald Terence Hall
Provincial Grand Standard BearerWy.Bro. Noel Matthew Young
Provincial Grand Bow BearerWy.Bro. David John GreenProvincial Grand Bow Bearer
Provincial Assistant Grand RecorderWy.Bro. Ian George SullivanProvincial Assistant Grand Recorder
Provincial Grand OrganistBro. Glyn HarveyProvincial Grand Organist
Provincial Grand GuarderWy.Bro. William Mark Pennell
Provincial Grand StewardWy.Bro. John Raymond Wood
Provincial Grand StewardWy.Bro. Leslie Smith
Provincial Grand StewardWy.Bro. Michael Raymond Roberts
Provincial Grand SentinelWy.Bro. Anthony John Maslin
Provincial Arch of Steel
CommanderWy.Bro. John William NevellCommander
Deputy CommanderWy.Bro. Nicholas Simon ColettaDeputy Commander
RegistrarBro. Colin Gordon Smith
ProvAoSWy.Bro. Peter Nicholas Wenzal Preidel
ProvAoSBro. Peter Thomas LakerProvAoS
ProvAoSBro. Lee John Curtis
ProvAoSBro. Michael Jonathon GentProvAoS
ProvAoSBro. Trevor Martin Champ
ProvAoSBro. Stephen Michael Hyland
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