The Order of the Secret Monitor
or brotherhood of David and Jonathan

The Regalia of the Order
A newly Inducted brother wears a breast jewel supplied by the Conclave. On completion of the Second Degree an identical breast jewel is worn but suspended from a different coloured ribbon.

Regalia of the Order Regalia of the Order A crimson sash is worn by first degree officers under the rank of Provincial Grand Officer. In the second degree all officers wear the Princes sash.

A Supreme Ruler wears the jewel of the Order suspended from a collarette, and a sash with the letters SR on it. Once commissioned he also wears a robe of violet with yellow edging.

A Provincial Officer wears a sash of blue edged with gold upon which is embroidered the rank of office. A Grand Officer wears a crimson sash embroidered in gold. Provincial and Grand Officers also wear a collarette and jewel.

Colarette Jewel
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